Finally! A Tempeh Incubator That Does the Job

I Admit it, I am Literally About to Jump Out of my Skin with Excitement 2018 is the year I have devoted to making great tempeh.  Until I gave it a go earlier this year I had absolutely no idea what a world of difference there is between homemade tempeh vs. the commercial store bought brands.  Quite [...]

How to Make Rejuvelac

Supplies 1/2 C *Winter White Wheat 4 C Purified non-chlorinated water Large jar with ventilated (sprouting) lid or cheesecloth to cover 14 C non-chlorinated water Gallon jar (non-metallic) Method Soak *wheat berries overnight Rinse twice a day for 2-3 days, or until the berries just begin to sprout (watch for a tiny little tail) Rinse [...]

Day #2

The Early Days "A Homestead in the Country" Life takes it's own turns, and while we have our own ideas of how our perfect future will play out #karma has a way of reminding us what is best. I assume it is the creative in me, which kept me from ever possessing any desire to [...]