Day #2


The Early Days

“A Homestead in the Country”

Life takes it’s own turns, and while we have our own ideas of how our perfect future will play out #karma has a way of reminding us what is best. I assume it is the creative in me, which kept me from ever possessing any desire to be a “normal” upstanding member of society.  I simply cannot ever remember a time when I gave thought to “making something of myself.”


I married young, and bought a home in the friendly little town where I was born.  I came into a unique opportunity, which enabled me to buy on a first time home buyers “no down payment” program. “A perfect start,”  I thought to myself.  I had a five year plan.  Buy this house, build up a little equity and sell it.  I would then have what I need for a down payment on my dream homestead.

Single Mom
As a young mother with a successful home business I felt I had the world in the palm of my hands.  I worked hard, really hard.  After all, I had a plan.

Karma’s a Bitch

Everything was going well, and perfectly in-line with my five year plan, except my marriage.  We two, as it turns out were not so compatible after all.
My children were very young and in need of stability.  So, I made an adult decision.  I quit my home business smack dab in the middle of opening a store I obtained via a Small Business Administration grant.

Put on Your Big Girl Pants

For the next 15 years or so life was pretty average American.  I had no education, no career type experience, and no prospects of getting ahead.  So, I became a normal upstanding citizen working day in and day out in order to put a penny in my pocket while putting a dollar in the pocket of corporate America.

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