Finally! A Tempeh Incubator That Does the Job


I Admit it, I am Literally About to Jump Out of my Skin with Excitement

2018 is the year I have devoted to making great tempeh.  Until I gave it a go earlier this year I had absolutely no idea what a world of difference there is between homemade tempeh vs. the commercial store bought brands.  Quite honestly, I was never a big fan.

A Small Batch of Soy Tempeh Ready for Incubation

June 2018 I am Now an Expert…Not

That’s right, you heard me admit it now store that away and forget I ever said it.  In fact I had to toss an entire batch of my prize lentil tempeh earlier this month.  That was a sad day indeed.

I was actually in the midst of writing a blog post about how it is really not necessary to have any kind of fancy newfangled gadget in order to make great tempeh.  After all, the people of Indonesia have been crafting tempeh for centuries without any modern day conveniences.  After several tasty batches cultured without any type of incubator I truly thought I had this skill mastered.

So Where Did it all Go Wrong?

Simply put I did not factor in the internal temperature of my batch once it began to incubate combined with a very hot summer day.

Now, don’t get me wrong  I am a stubborn woman and I will do most anything in the most sustainable, thrifty, and down right penny-pinching way possible.  There does, however come a point when too many failed batches is not cost-effective.  I will still likely do tempeh outdoors on mildly warm spring and fall days, but never ever again on a hot June day!

After a couple of weeks worth of sulking I picked myself up and began researching the pro’s and con’s of homemade tempeh incubators.  It wasn’t long before I realized that if I were to create one at home that was reliable while roomy enough for me to incubate a fairly large batch it would be one more thing taking up entirely too much space in my RV.

I resolved that I would need yet another multi-purpose appliance.  Earlier this year I scored my prized ‘Instant Pot’ which has allowed me to re-home my rice cooker and crock pot.  I was in search of something that would serve me in the same fashion.


Brod & Taylor Bread Proofer, Slow Cooker, and Live Culture Incubator

Brod and Taylor Where Have You Been all my Life?

My brand new incubator is en route, and expected to arrive Tuesday.  I very well think I may have solved my bread proofing and culturing issues all at once.  Come winter not only can I proof bread in one unit, but I can slow cook chile beans in another as I build tonight’s dinner menu.  Mama’s oh so happy.

Brod and Taylor Key Points

  • Accurate temperature control – 70-195F (21-90C)
  • Roomy enough for proofing bread
  • Appropriate temperature setting for culturing tempeh, yogurt, cheese, and kombucha
  • Melts chocolate with ease
  • Dutch oven slow cooking
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Hundreds upon hundreds of positive reviews

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