Just Another Simple Gal

woman standing on rice field during cloudy day
Simple Life – Best Life


My grandpa Fay and gramma Vernice were a bit more than old fogies. They were the original “nonconformists.”  It is the values they instilled in me that have made me the person I am today.

Whether I am baking bread, canning tomatoes, or connecting with my grandchildren I feel their presence each and every day. By carrying on your #backtobasics traditions gramma and grandpa, I hope I have done you proud.

Who’s Your Farmer?

Both born into farm families during the great depression gramma and grandpa held on to the values of their early years, even during the crazy changing times of my youth, #summeroflove

Hoarder or Frugal?

I see just about everything in shades of gray, and yes it is as frustrating for me as it is for most everyone around me. I’ve been accused of babbling and not getting to the point, true that. It’s that frustrating deep-seated inability of mine to see anything in black and white.
I have distinct memories of washing and rewashing aluminum foil after each use, right along with all of the evenings dinner dishes, and cutting buttons away from clothing beyond mending to store in mason jars for future use. Did we throw out the clothing? Oh no, that too was usable. All old clothing was ripped up and used to polish the furniture or used as oil rags.
As a teenager I literally loathed our “no waste” rituals.  We were the oddballs. I can still hear my own defiant, childish adolescent words, “But no one else does this!” After all I had more important things to do.
What did I learn from all of this? Well, I could likely write a book outlining all of our little rituals, but without further babbling I will get to the point. I get it. We truly do live in a disposable world, and it is killing us at so many levels.

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